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4111 Monarch Way,Suite 510
Norfolk, VA 23508
Ph: 877-207-1112

Founded in 2003, ipConfigure is a privately owned video surveillance software company and a leading developer of enterprise IP video surveillance solutions.ipConfigure┬╣s core products,Surveillance Manager Basic (SMB) and Enterprise Surveillance Manager (ESM) with License Plate Recognition are available as software only solutions or preinstalled on a Video Surveillance Appliance. All solutions are capable of supporting unlimited cameras,locations and users through a unified browser-based interface.

ipConfigure has successfully deployed systems in facilities ranging from nuclear power plants to universities all based on a non-proprietary architecture which supports third-party IP cameras, servers, storage, and switching hardware. ipConfigure is committed to an open architecture and will continue to facilitate the convergence of physical security and IT technologies by integrating both building and life safety systems through a seamless enterprise solution.


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